is BP sending Hayward to its version of Siberia?

Persistent news rumors are that Anthony Hayward will be replaced today as BP's CEO, and that hayward will "be offered a job with the company's joint venture in Russia"... considering Hayward's fire-drawing remarks earlier this year about his wish to get his life back, one has to wonder if this isn't a particularly cruel act by BP's board... is it their version os Siberia ? an act to publicly clarify their opinion of the man ? or is Russia considered among BP's senior management (which currently operates, as far as I understand from London and Houston) as an excellent location for senior management to get one's life back ?
I guess the only solution to these question can be given by Mr. Hayward himself, and that the best answer would be by his acceptance or rejection of this new Russian position...

(btw, For anyone interested in the possible logic behind Hayward's stepdown, this is a nice explanation).

[update: an interesting piece at the NY times, suggests a very different explanation, based on the idea that BP will significantly extend its business in Russia and the arctic sea, in response to the current and possibly forthcoming U.S restrictions on sea-drilling. If we accept this idea, then it would appear Mr. Hayward and Mr. Dudley are simply changing senior positions, in the best interests of BP]


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