China's economy is Stable

While the EU struggles, China has been facing other problems: Inflation. It is good news for the world that the Chinese have been able to bring the Inflation under control:
"Consumer prices rose 3.2% from a year ago, China's National Bureau of Statistics reported Friday -- a steep slowdown from a 4.5% inflation rate in January."
Inflation is an ongoing concern, but it is also a blessing. Growth and Inflation are interrelated, and therefore one can understand the government's goal  - "to maintain an inflation rate around 4% a year."
For now, things appear to be working for China. This can be deduced by the government aim "for economic growth of 7.5% in 2012" (a slowdown from last year's target of 8%).

A prosperous China is an important lesson to the world. This gentle balance of government-guided somewhat free economy is an ongoing example of an alternative economic model to the neo-liberal one the developed world has been adhering to for decades.

The chinese model, which has been working since the late 1970s, is still working. When are we going to try and embrace its strengths ? 


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