Obama's oil spill

Recently, I've suggested that in the not-too-distant future, Obama's administration, and president Obama in person, shall become the scapegoat of the american public, in regards to the golf-of-mexico oil spill.

Seems like wheels of this expected phenomena have already started rolling, although I have to confess I'm quite surprised at the speed of the process. Two news bits which include, in my mind, preliminary hints to the future plot:
  • An interesting news item, dealing with the impressions of fishermen of the current status of fish and water in the gulf , portrays people who do not believe Obama's administration declerations (one might suggest that after Katrina in 2005, and the slow response of the administration to the Macondo spill, these people have quite a case against the U.S administration, as a whole, but lets not forget that these claims must be taken with a grain of salt, considering the competing interests at stake here.... did anyone say legal actions ?).  
  • Another item is headlined "Is Obama Getting Into Bed With BP?" and I believe that no further explanation is needed, but just in case anyone missed it -
  • NGOs are accusing Obama of cooperating with BP, and believe agreements recently reached, which are (formally) aimed at ensuring BP's commitments to the government regaring the compensations for the spill damages, will have a negative aspect as they will prevent the government from making sure BP is not environmentally dangerous, and will direct the government to keep BP profitable, regardless of the impacts of the way BP does its business. One can't ignore these claims, but someone has to tell these guys that if you want compensations, you must make sure that the villain is earning a living. Without that, there will be a much smaller cake to provide the compensations.
The important information here, as far as I'm concerned, is the growing distrust in Obama and his administration.

Trust my words.
Soon enough, he will be the scapegoat.


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