yet another pointless accusation

NY Times joins all other accusing fingers pointed at British Petrolium, describing it as a company with a record which is of "a History of Boldness and Blunders", but reading through that article  one just can't seem to find the facts for these accusations, other than a very persistent government aiming to put all the blame away from its regulatory agencies. Furthermore, the article includes some rather confusing paragraphs, in which BP appears to be an organization commited to safety. It turns out that the current BP chief executive , Tony Hayward, "set up a new companywide management system toevaluate risks, standardize safety practices and improve decision-making" and initiatives regarding personal safety of employees, which began during his predecessor's time, were expanded under Mr. Hayward:
"Visitors today see signs at company offices exhorting workers not to walk and carry hot coffee at the same time, to stick to marked walkways in parking lots and to grasp banisters while climbing the stairs. Employees with company cars must take defensive driving courses."
Assuming this policy was implemented in all of the facilities of the company, and that the same mpressive engineering efforts currently displayed in the complicated task of stopping the infamous well, were used in the implementation of security in BP's oil drilling facilites, I wouldn't be surprised at all, at the end of the day, to see BP completely cleared of the accusations regarding malpractice, and that it would turn out that Robert Dudley, the BP board member in charge of the gulf spill response, quoted in the NY Times piece denying that the accident reflected a corporate disregard for safety, and suggesting the following explanation, would turn out to be truthful, and correct:
“I think we will find that this was an incredibly complicated set of events with individual decisions and equipment failures that led to a very complicated industrial accident."


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