worst oil spill in u.s history ?

Somehone, I keep bumping into news items, that define the BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, as the "worst in US history". Checking Wikipedia on this teaches us that at best (or worst, as things discussed), it is currently, the 2nd worst, and we are still talking estimates.

The habit of newspapers to try and tag things as "The Best!", "The Ugliest!", "The Worst!" is understandable, for the wished impact of news-selling, but the impact it has on public knowledge is horrible. People build their perceptions of life and reality by this bits, and as this information is inaccurate at best, These stories contribute to our partial knowledge of the world around us, and assure that decision-making processes will keep being flawed, for a long time ahead. 

So lets repeat the known truth: 
No One Really Knows How Much Oil has been Spilled into the Gulf in recent months. No One. There are only ESTIMATES. It is very possible that we will always have Only Estimates. 
Time Will Tell. 


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