מציג פוסטים מתאריך דצמבר, 2009

the year 2009 in review

Sometimes it seems that looking back at a year is not very helpful. This is the third year in a row that the "interesting times" phrase comes to mind, but I'll avoid using it this year. After the crises of recent years, a recession could have been expected and it did come. 
All in all, it seems that the stimulus efforts are helpful, and that good things are slowly happening this year. In some countries it is hard to foresee when the recession shall end, in others the light is seen at the end of the tunnel
This year saw me dipping my feet in the cold waters of stock investing, after a long period of avoidance. And even though I did not invest in one of the ten best performing stocks of 2009, I can say that it was a relatively good year, As stocks posted the biggest rebound in 2009 since Great Depression it is safe to say that the biggest opportunities of the crises aftermath are behind us, and yet, as one year ends, another begins, and as a poet i like says, it is time…