the year 2008 in review

And to think that 2007 seemed like an interesting year... 

"It was the year the neo-liberal economic orthodoxy that ran the world for 30 years suffered a heart attack of epic proportions. Not since 1929 has the financial community witnessed 12 months like it." 
We can argue which event was more meaningful ( did a nice job about that), but whether its the stock market you are after or the salvation of the too-big-too-fail that shook you to the core, however you look at life now, one cannot ignore this - economically wise, 2008 has taught us all that we know a lot less than we thought we did. 

Time to start learning again. 
Will humility suffice?  


פוסטים פופולריים מהבלוג הזה

מה הופך צוותים לטובים?

לקצץ את תקציב הסלולר של הח"כים?

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